Techno practice
22 6月 2022



和弦选择:D# Dorian,中间bridge选用和弦组 I II VI V

lead 音色:Arr Matey Lead;Chord 音色:Attack Pad;Drum音色:Crushed Ice Kit;Sub bass音色:Sub Octave Bass Drone;Bass 音色:Squiggle Bass

Techno music part of the exercise

Chord choice: D# Dorian, middle bridge selected chord set I II VI V

lead tone: Arr Matey Lead; Chord tone: Attack Pad; Drum tone: Crushed Ice Kit; Sub bass tone: Sub Octave Bass Drone; Bass tone: Squiggle Bass


探索歌曲结构及配器对于听众心理的影响变化,主要做的是pad轨的实验。Exploring the changing effects of song structure and orchestration on the psychology of the listener, the main experiment done was the pad track.


打破techno原本结构的练习 Exercises that break up the original structure of techno


LoFi Hip-Hop mixed practice