Educational Experience

2021- 2023 MA, Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art


“Touch me, Hear me “是一个数据可视化与互动装置相结合的项目,旨在向最亲近的人传达了双相情感障碍患者的经历和情感。该项目允许观众通过触摸聆听病人的语音记录,并通过数据可视化装置系统观看患者的生活经历。该作品还鼓励观众通过亲手绘制自己的数据可视化图像,来寻找患者与自己之间的关系。我的目的是让观众(我设想他们是双相情感障碍患者的朋友和家人,他们可能无法完全理解这种状况,也无法将自己换位思考于他们所爱的人上)在更深的层次上共情和理解双相情感障碍的生活经历。


In “Touch Me, Hear Me”, data visualization is combined with an interactive exhibition to convey the experiences and emotions of a person with bipolar disorder to those closest to them. The project allows audiences to listen to a patient’s voice recording through touch, and view details of the life of the subject through a data visualizing device. The work also encourages audiences to develop a connection between the subject and themselves by physically drawing one’s own data visualizations by hand. My purpose is to allow audiences, who I envisage being friends and family of bipolar disorder patients who may not be able to fully understand the condition or place themselves in the position of their loved one, to empathize and understand the experience of living with bipolar disorder on a much deeper level.