Educational Experience

2021- 2023 MA, Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art






“Alizeh” is a female-related installation used in the stage art section of SiyuChen’s video work.

This project collected 3,000 photos of women of all ages from different regions, then uploaded this data into a GAN code computing program, which eventually learned through artificial intelligence, allowing it to generate the face of a girl who does not exist in this world. Collaborating artist ZifengGuo then uses this new face to create a complete image of a virtual girl who is an amalgamation of thousands of girls in the world. In choosing the material for the avatar, I chose the medium of ‘wind’, an invisible and untouchable material that resembles the current situation of a girl who is desperate for a voice but has little power in the face of adversity, so I collected the real-time data of the wind in the forest where the show was finally presented and combined the wind data with the material design. The overall appearance of the girl is made up of wind, visualizing the wind.

As the book <Bonanza Girl> says, “You don’t need to be taught to be the wind, not everyone can be the wind, but some can.” Every wind deserves to be seen and every girl’s story deserves to be heard.