In April, I displayed a prototype of my artwork, Inforg, at CryptGallery. It was there that I met Lesly, a dancer, and we decided to embark on an intriguing artistic experiment together. While conversing with my friend Harriet, who possesses a background in anthropology, I came to realize that the interconnection among all things in the universe resembles more of a ‘Chaos’ than an ‘Entanglement.’ So what if I go beyond the original entanglement system to express a new concept of Chaos?

At the same time, I began to reflect on the fact that a human-scale dataset is instead an anthropocentric viewpoint in a project about non-human interests and interpretations. Why focus on the human face rather than the human whole? Humans are obsessed with faces, machines are not. Since there is no reason for AI to explain humans as individuals, there are more possibilities for explaining the “human” species itself than the fact that we explain ourselves in this way. Lesly’s artistic practice gave me a good breakthrough, as her use of the medium of dance was a new definition of the species. So I ended up using the real-time interactive capabilities of Kinect technology to combine the Inforg organismic installation, dance, and music. When the dancer starts to dance, her whole body becomes particles that meet other species and together they complete a performance about chaos.