The film “Encounter” immerses the audience in the first-person perspective of Inforg, an artificially intelligent organism, delving into their unique encounters with the world. Through a distinctive camera language, the film simulates the intricate process of reading, recognizing, judging, generating, and ultimately presenting the AI’s evolving understanding of the world. From moments of clarity to periods of confusion, and back to clarity again, the film explores the question: as the algorithms mature, do the AIs develop an autonomous consciousness? Furthermore, it prompts us to ponder the various ways in which humans coexist in the world of AI.

Director: Aijia Wang

Creator: Bethany Yang

Director of Photography: Bethany Yang

Talent: Zhiru Xie

Editor: Aijia Wang

Colorist: Aijia Wang

Sound Design: Aijia Wang

Voice Actor: Zihao Li