<KAIA>, 2022


The artificial intelligence in this project is called KAIA, which can produce different images of the sun with the input of data through the GAN algorithm. The project echoes the Object- Oriented Idealism and explores whether human emotions can influence processual relationships in space-time.

The presentation of this project is inspired by Joseph Kousth’s conceptual artwork ‘One and three chairs’. It collects three databases of the sun, namely the database of mechanical images related to the artificial sun, the database of photographic images of the natural sun, and the database of images of paintings, to correspond to the three theoretical components, namely the scientific table, the natural table and the artistic table. The KAIA algorithm is likened to an unemotional programmatic social state, which provokes the viewer’s discernment by investigating the integration and generation of different data types in the environment.

The final step is that the viewer can leave a hand-drawn picture of the sun after experiencing the project to make their connection with the project more robust.

The continuous addition of these emotion-laden pictures allows the project’s vision to iterate, exploring more possibilities of visual language.


<Forevermore,Foreverless>,2022, UK