Educational Experience

2021- 2023 MA, Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art


Bruno Latour
<Facing Gaia. Eight Lectures on the New Climatic Regime>

“what will replace the old ways of looking at Nature?”

“It was as if the melting ice cap had sent me a message.”

“It made me realise that the idea of man wanting to see nature as an onlooker with a purely external perspective was a complete illusion. On this flight to Canada, my activities actually influenced the natural landscape as I saw it. In this sense, there is no longer a so-called outside.” With this in mind, he recently toured various European cities and New York on a lecture tour entitled “Inside”. He argues that humanity, in the face of the current environmental crisis, needs a new way of looking at the earth – not as a distant blue sphere in the universe, but by approaching it in cross-section.

💡 Inspired by him, I started to think that modern people see themselves and nature as two parts, and so can leave themselves out of the picture. One does not feel one’s influence on nature.
Mankind’s human-centred approach to the world

“What is even more unfortunate is that the more modern man believes that nature is something that exists outside of mankind and has nothing to do with society, the more he allows the proliferation of mixed species below the surface of the water, which is already leading to a climate crisis.”